JAMES KEILLER & SON'S DUNDEE MARMALDE. ONLY PRIZE MEDAL FOR MARMALADE LONDON 1882", there are small chips and cracks in several places 


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As legend has it a cargo ship took shelter from a storm in Dundee. On board was a large cargo of Seville oranges. Unlikely to make its destination before the oranges expired, James Keiller negotiated a deal with the captain for … James Keiller set up his company to produce marmalade containing the bitter peel. James Keiller, who was unmarried at the time, and his mother, Janet, opened a factory to produce Dundee Marmalade - containing thick chunks of orange rind. The recipe (probably invented by his mother) was a new twist on the already well-known fruit preserve of James Keiller & Son's Dundee Marmalade Jar. Archaeological Details.

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New (15) from $11.00 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. The grave of John Mitchell Keiller, Western Cemetery, Dundee. Keiller's marmalade is named after its creator James and Janet Keiller (nee Mathewson, 1737-1813), and is believed to have been the first commercial brand of marmalade in Great Britain. It was made by James Keiller in Dundee, Scotland, later creating James Keiller & Son, a brand name which became iconic in the 18th and 19th centuries, and has been sold several times. The marmalade proved popular and by 1797 Keiller's marmalade was being shipped throughout the British Empire under the name of her son, James Keiller. James' own son Alexander joined the company which became "James Keiller & Son" in 1827.


The recipe (probably invented by his mother) was a new twist on the already well-known fruit preserve of orange marmalade. 1828 Company became James Keiller and Son when he was joined by his son, James Junior. James enlisted the help of his mother and she set about preserving the oranges by making batches of marmaladeand Keiller marmalade was born.

of Keiller's empty jars”, the audience reportedly rising to London, 1862” ( below the wreath), “James. Keiller “James Keiller & Son's Marmalade Dundee”.

James keiller marmalade jars

Dundee is our hometown so we love the history of this brand and their jars. Dundee Orange Marmalade Jars. I fell in love with the old-fashioned stoneware pots once used to sell James Keiller & Son's Dundee Orange Marmalade when I was a Vintage James Keiller & Son LTD Dundee Marmalade Jar NO Lid 1lb. $19.50 + shipping.

No. 2.9 and 2.10 are from the same marmalade jar and crossmend. In bottom half of beige box, 6.25 x 6.25 inches, no lid.
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James keiller marmalade jars

Antique English Advertising Pot – James Keiller Dundee Marmalade 1# Thin c. 1877 – Perfect Patina … Approximate measurements: 3″ diameter x 4.75″ tall. James Keiller Dundee Marmalade 1# Rare Shoulder w/Rolled Top · savvycityfarmer.com · Dr Grant's Dandelion Bitters, New York. · English Antique COLD CREAM  Antique Dundee Marmalade Pot James Keiller Jar English Crock | Etsy.

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JAMES KEILLER & SON DUNDEE MARMALADE Contents 1 lb. Net. MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN BY. JAMES KEILLER & SON LTD LONDON W.I. ENGLAND & DUNDEE SCOTTLAND (BASE OF POT READS POT MADE IN ENGLAND) Each of these charming pots vary slightly in shape and size as they were each handmade. Please consider the images as your best description for all of my items.

Vintage Dundee Marmalade Jar Crock Stoneware James Keiller … GLASS JAMES KEILLER JAR. This simple glass Keiller Marmalade jar makes a perfect flower vase or even toothbrush holder! Its milky white glass really sets off the pale blue writing.